CS2 Secret.T Service

Secure your bussiness.. protect your privacy

Open & Secure Architecture

Full cryptography sovereignty

  • Secure Architecture
  • Interoperable: Multi-Level & Multi-Protocol
  • Military grade encryption (Suite A & Suite B)
  • Open Architecture that can host the National NSA Cryptography of each country
  • Hybrid cryptography systems

Mobile Secure Operator

OTT Virtual Operator

  • OTT Virtual Operator for secure communications
  • Calls no longer depend on mobile operators
  • No detectable Communications
  • 360ยบ Protection between users: voice calls, individual and group instant messaging, files, group videoconferences, etc
  • Secure cloud
  • Information Traceability
  • Own system administration and privilege management
  • Deployed on premise
  • Impossible to intercept neither on the air, nor by the operator, nor by the national or foreign intelligence services

Native Multi-Platform

Based on COTS (PDAs, Tablets, Android, iOS & PCs)

Multiplataform, all of them with :

  • Advanced secure fuctionalities (Multiconference, Schedule organizer, Self destruction in case of being compromised, Verificatoin of the terminal, Geolocalization, Anti kidnap and panic button)
  • Fast evolutive development
  • Easy and corrective maintenance
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Optimizaction of data consumption