BeyondSSL SparkView

Secure Remote Access Solution

BeyondSSL sparkview

SparkView HTML5 – The Remote Access Solution

The tool offers a huge number of features and is very easy to handle. With SparkView, you can access desktops, servers, apps and even legacy applications. It is possible to invite users to a session and share your screen with them. Moreover, the remote access solution SparkView offers you the possibility to allow external service providers to access specific resources – guaranteeing a smooth workflow for all parties.

At the same time security is an important factor, especially for businesses and organizations: a single point of administration, SSL or TLS encrypted tunnels in addition to the optional integration of multi-factor authentication solutions are raising the security of this remote access solution to a whole new level. Your company is protected from outside attacks.


Secure remote access to applications, desktops and servers from any device via browser
No installation on clients or target systems
A central point of administration and authorization
HTML5-technology, No Java, No Flash, No ActiveX, No Plugin, No Rollout
Flexible, stable and highly scalabl
Very low support effort
Optional integration of multi-factor authentication
Supports common protocols like RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC