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SAEEDURITY Co. is a trusted name in the field of cyber security. SAEEDURITY Co. is part of a bigger initiative by the name of Saeed for Information Technology Company, which has developed unique and unmatched cyber security solutions for satisfying its clients all over GCC Countries.

The primary aim of SAEEDURITY Co. is to raise the level of cyber security among government agencies as well as private sector companies with a clear vision that is inclined towards minimising cyber security threats and maximising confidentiality, integrity and availability within an organisation....

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Saeedurity Services
IT Security Services and Consultancy.
Security Operation Center Services (SOC).
Security Information and Event Management Solution (SIEM).
Infrastructures Monitoring & Detection.
Change and Configuration Management.
Vulnerabilities & Penetration Testing.
E-mail Security Gateway Solutions.
E-mail Archiver Solution.
Threat Intelligence Solutions.
PKI Public Key Infrastructure Solutions.
UTM Unified Threat Management Solutions.
Network Security Solutions.
Cloud Security Solutions.
Encrypting All Communications By Using TCP Protocol By Your Own Encryption Keys.
Big Data Solutions.
Bank Security Solutions.
Network Access Control solutions (NAC).
Web Application Firewall Solutions (WAF).
Identity Access Management Solution (IAM).
Packet Capturing and recording Solutions.
VPN to Go Solutions to Work Remotely.
Instant Messaging and Management Solutions.
Offline Backup Solutions.
Risk Management Solutions.
Patch Management Solutions.
Open Source Solution.
Files Sharing Solution.
Media Crusher Machine.
Threat Detection and Protection for (Services & Shopping Apps)
Next Generations Remote Access.


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Alyasmin - Riyadh 13322 Saudi Arabia

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